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When November Came

Music Video, 2017
Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by Paul Kmiec


On Tuesday November 8th 2016, the morning of the presidential election, a frightened young boy wrapped in the Gadsden flag tries to protect his home from ominous forces. An old contorted woman, "the spirit of the American Experiment", attempts to shield him while the citizenry outside experience the changing of the times in hallucinatory horror. (Music by EKDAHL)

Best Music Video
Long Story Shorts Int'l Film Festival 2021

Best Music Video
July 2019 Contest, Berlin Flash Film Festival

Santa Cruz Film Festival, California 2019

Music Video/Movements for Peace Event

California Music Video & Film Awards 2019
Best Cinematography & Best Choreography


Music Video, 2019 
Written, Directed, Produced, Cinematography, Edited by Paul Kmiec

A hallucinatory, medieval music video starring San Fransisco psychedelic-band AGOUTI.


California Music Video & Film Awards 2021
Best Location & Set Design

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